Personal and Business Bankruptcy

Attorney Thomas Willis assists persons and businesses file for bankruptcy, representing the following type of cases: Personal Chapter 7 & Chapter 13, Bankruptcy mortgage loan modifications, small business Chapter 11 cases, Single asset real estate and high net worth individuals under Chapter 11. Mr. Willis is also a lawyer in Miami who assists companies in filing proofs of claim and otherwise representing their rights as creditors in bankruptcy cases.

Family Law & Divorce

Mr. Willis handles divorce and domestic litigation cases, including those divorces involving the valuation of a family business. If you are looking for a lawyer in Miami to assist you with divorce or other family matters, attorney Thomas Willis can guide you through the divorce process. He also assists clients with divorces involving child custody and complex family law litigation.

Creditor and Debtor Rights

There are some lawyers in Miami who represent Debtors and some lawyers in Miami who represent creditors. Attorney Thomas Willis has experience representing both sides of debt disputes. Whether you are facing an aggressive personal collection action or trying to collect a commercial debt from a business that refuses to pay, Attorney Thomas Willis can help you resolve any debt related matter.

Partnership, Shareholder and Investment Disputes

If you need a lawyer in Miami to assist is resolving a failed partnership agreement, valuation of business or recovery of an business investment, Mr. Willis can defend your personal or corporate interest in complex business litigation.

Real Estate

Mr. Willis can assist in buying or selling both residential real estate and commerical real estate properties. He has real estate experience with mortgages and can advise clients in matters of real estate financing. Mr. Willis has litigated hundreds of mortgage foreclosure cases and represented clients in a variety of commerical real estate lawsuits. Mr. Willis has also represented both owners and associations in condo and HOA lawsuits.  If you are about to make a real estate investment or are dealing with a real estate dispute, give Mr. Willis call to discuss.