About Us

Law Offices of Thomas Willis, was founded by attorney Thomas Willis. After graduating from law school in 1994 from Stetson College of Law, Mr. Willis spent over a decade living and working in South America. His experiences in Latin America include managing county-wide operations in Colombia for a British software company, providing consulting & translation services for top-rated Chilean law firms and launching a Canadian software franchise serving the hospitality industry. He also worked as a Sales Manager for a Fortune 100 company in South Florida and managed a sales team covering a 100+ million dollar territory. These diverse business experiences give Mr. Willis a unique business and entrepreneurial perspective which is not taught in law school.

¿Why choose Thomas Willis as your attorney?

We understand that choosing a law firm is a difficult decision. Here are a few factors which you might consider:

Real World Business Experience: Mr. Willis brings to his law practice experience from the worlds of both major corporations and start-up businesses. When a prospective client sits down with Mr. Willis for a consultation involving a partnership dispute, a portfolio of uncollectable invoices or a fear for the financial survival of their business, they will find an attorney who not only understands the statutes and cases of written law, they will find a business person who has “been there and done that.”

Value & Personal Attention: In a large metropolitan area such as South Florida, you will find law firms come in many different sizes and who charge a wide range of fees to handle the same matter. Rather than trying to be the cheapest or most expensive, Mr. Willis has chosen to focus on value. For Mr. Willis, practicing law is not about generating the most billable hours, it’s about solving a client’s problem. Instead of a cookie-cutter approach, Mr. Willis handles a select number of litigation cases to ensure that he is able to dedicate the time necessary to find the best outcome possible for his clients. In bankruptcy matters, his support staff offers many years of paralegal experience on both the creditor and debtor sides. We will give your case the time and attention it needs.

Bilingual LEGAL Representation: Mr. Willis is not only fluent in Spanish, he understands how business in conducted throughout the Latin American region. South Florida is full of attorneys who can speak Spanish. Few attorneys however, can show that they have launched businesses, drafted contracts and negotiated multi-million dollar deals with South American private companies and governmental entities. El Señor Willis no solo habla español, entiende su negocio.

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Mr. Willis is available for consultations in Doral and on Brickell Avenue in downtown Miami. Give us a call today at 305-549-8653 or email Mr. Willis directly at doralattorney@gmail.com to find out if Mr. Willis can help you resolve your personal or business matter.